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Episode 2.12: Unexpected Positives of Being A Cannapreneur

 In our 12th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Gron's Chocolate Cafe, and for Diana, Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Compound

 Our discussion is centered around the unexpected positives of being an entrepreneur in this space, and how our guests contribute to that conversation.



- Our first guest is Wanda James, founder of Simply Pure, about translating seemingly unrelated professional experience to the cannabis space. James also discusses her favorite element of her work, and gives some advice to new entrepreneurs.

- Next, we have Rocky Bowles, founder of Resinate Marketing, about being a "professional cheerleader", and the start of Resinate. Bowles tells us how she connects the dots and prepares people for ultimate success.


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Episode 2.11: Cooking with Cannabis

 In this episode, we start as usual with our favorite discoveries: For Diana, it was The Art Of Weed Butter, and for Leah, Cannacals by Baked Smart (because we women need to promote ourselves more!). Our discoveries take us into our discussion topic, which is cooking with cannabis. 


- First, we talk to Karmel Ungerleider-Abrams & Devorah Ungerleider-Moore, founders of Cannabis Cooking Magazine, about how they wound up in cannabis. The sisters also talk about some of the best aspects of culinary creativity and cannabis.

- Next, we welcome back Adelia Carrillo, CEO and founder of Direct Cannabis Network, talks about the Entrepreneur Lounge. This event, which is concurrent to MJBizCon, offers opportunities for networking, getting work done, or just finding a quieter space. 


 Until next time, thank you for listening, and reach out to for more information on being a guest or having a product reviewed.


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Episode 2.10: What To Know About Starting An Ancillary Business In Cannabis

 We start off episode 10 with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is the Smoke Cartel, and for Diana, MURU products. Next, we discuss the logistics of starting an ancillary business in the cannabis space. 

 Next, we have a new Beauty With Barb segment featuring the awesome Empower Bodycare Products.



- First, we talk to Becca Recker of Frogsong Farms, about having a zero waste farm. She also tells us the often over-looked challenges of cannabis farming.

- Next, we talk to Darby Cox, CEO of Smoke Cartel, about starting a business in her living room. She also talks about the challenges of operating a business in a state that is not recreational legal. 


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Episode 2.9: Advocacy As An Entrepreneur

 In this episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it was Cannabis Cooking Magazine(we will have the founders on very soon!), and for Diana, it was The Feel Collection

 Next, we talk about the importance of being an advocate for cannabis, especially when being an entrepreneur in this space. We go over some ways to include advocacy in your business plan, and reasons why this practice matters.



- First, we talk to Ashley Picillo, author of Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business. She talks about the journey that brought the book to life, and shares her experience in the cannabis space.

- Next, we talk to Windy Borman, Director and Executive Producer for Mary Janes Film: The Women Of Weed. She tells us about how the documentary came to be, and how a person can host a screening in their town.


Until next time, we thank the women in this space for making this industry a possibility in the first place. Reach out with questions, concerns, or compliments to Follow us on Instagram or Twitter!

Episode 2.8: The Importance of Having a Mentor in Cannabis

 In our 8th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Breaking the Grass Ceiling, for Diana, it's the Mom And Dad Are Stoned podcast. We ruminate on the awesome media we have chosen before moving on to our discussion topic.

 We talk about the importance of mentors, specifically in an emerging market like this one. Having a mentor, or mentors, will only strengthen your game as an entrepreneur, and we discuss some considerations on finding your own. 



- First, we talk to Trista Okel, CEO and Founder of Empower BodyCare, about her journey in the cannabis space. She tells us how she comes up with product ideas, and what the acronym EMPOWER means. 

- Next, we talk to Amna Shamim: writer, marketing consultant, and digital nomad. She talks about her work in this industry, and discusses an ongoing mastermind project.


 Until next time, we appreciate our listeners, and we are so grateful to the women who are sharing their stories and making the change happen. If you would like more information on being interviewed or becoming a sponsor, email


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Episode 2.7 The Importance of Looking at the Whole Plant

 In our 7th episode, we talk about the entourage effect, and the importance of looking at the whole plant. Many of our past guests incorporate the whole plant approach into their businesses, because they are concerned with treating the big picture. We go over the ways you can educate yourself about the compounds, and the reasons why we should know more about them.



  • Our first guest is Katie MacBride, editor and writer, who recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast about parents dealing with Child Protective Services because of CBD. Her work covers these complex issues surrounding parenting with cannabis and is in the process of helping create a documentary that explores the issues further.
  • Next, we have the founder of Meowchemy, Mel Meow. She talks about the full plant CBD MedSpa line of products, the inspiration behind the innovative nature of them, and what inspired the beginning of her business.


Beauty with Barb:

 Diana joins Barb as the sisters discuss a shared familial skin condition, and how the Bella line from Altitude Products helps relieve the bumpiness. We also discuss the bath items and products from other lines, and detail how smooth they made our skin.


Until next time, take the high road when you can. For more information about sponsorship or being interviewed, please email yourhighnesspodcastATgmail.


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Episode 2.6: Cannabis and Pets

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  In our first pet-themed episode, Leah and Diana start with their favorite things: for Diana, it is the Ganja Goddess Getaway, for Leah, it was Medical Marijuana and Your Pet-a Definitive Guide. Speaking of one of our obsessions - animals - we move onto our discussion topic with great excitement!

 We talk about cannabis use with animals, which is a highly controversial topic being discussed at length online. After we go over some basic considerations, we point to a couple of excellent resources in this area of the industry. 



- Our first guest is Julianna Carella, CEO and founder of Treatibles, who talks to us about her journey to animal care products. She also discusses working with rescues and the story behind the Villalobos Project.

- Next, we talk to Kate Scott, COO of VetCBD, as she tells us about how the company started. She also a controversial topic - the use of THC with animals, and tells us her opinion.


Thanks for listening, and until next time, take the high road when possible. Email


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Episode 2.5: The Importance of Being Out of the Cannabis Closet

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 Our fifth episode starts with our favorite discoveries: Diana talks about "Cooking on High," the first-ever competitive cannabis cooking show featured on Netflix. Leah's favorite new product is Mary's Medicinals line of THC and CBD capsules, tinctures, muscle freezes, and more.

 Discussing wonderful products leads us to our discussion topic: the importance of being out of the cannabis closet, and how to stay truthful about your cannabis journey.

 *We pause to promote Emma Chasen, a cannabis educator and consultant. Schedule a free consultation to incorporate sustainable education into your business to help grow your brand.


  • First, we talk to Michele Ross, who talks about how her personal experience played a major role in becoming an influential medical expert in cannabis. She also discusses her book, Vitamin Weed, and what impacted her research.
  • Next, we talk to Ashley Kingsley, co-founder of Ellementa, about her journey into the cannabis industry. She talks about how her professional experience in marketing applied to her career in this space.


 Until next time, thank you for listening. Contact us at yourhighnesspodcastATgmail for questions about interviews and sponsorship.


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Episode 2.4: The Importance of CBD

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 Our latest episode was delayed a bit, but for good reason! A new member of the Your Highness team entered this world surprisingly early, and we couldn’t be happier. We begin this episode as we normally do, with our latest favorite discoveries: for Diana, it was the incredible Meowchemy line, and for Leah, it was the CBD School.

 After that, we discuss the importance of CBD, and go into the benefits of it. We also go over key takeaways to consider when beginning a CBD routine.



  • First, we talk to Aliza Sherman, cofounder of Ellementa, about her journey leading up to a career in cannabis. She tells us how her background in digital marketing shaped her experience in this field and makes some great comparisons between the two.
  • Next, we talk to Victoria Harris, cofounder of DC Taste Buds. Victoria talks about what is holding back those in the D.C. cannabis industry, and about how she’s working tirelessly to make change.


 Until next time, please feel free to reach out about being interviewed, or about any products being featured, to Thank you for listening!


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Episode 2.3: Parenting Series, Part 2

 In the second installment of our parenting series, we open with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is The Stoner Mom, and for Diana, it’s Mary Janes Film

 Next, we discuss the importance of normalizing the conversation around cannabis for parents. We go over a few tips and takeaways about how to do that, while also drawing from expert sources.


*We pause for a short word about our friend Jennifer Argie’s awesome products and mention an incredible giveaway. Share this episode on Twitter with #YourHighnessPodcast for a chance to win either a Green Tea Healing Salve or Coconut Oil.



  • First, we speak to Jenn Lauder, Cofounder of Splimm, a magazine about cannabis and parenting. She talks about her upbringing, how her parents handled the discussion around cannabis, and how that has shaped her attitude as a parent.
  • Next, we talk to Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, founder of Oov Lifestyle, about her own experience as a mother and cannabis advocate. Ozzie also discusses her own journey with cannabis, and how she deals with the stigma surrounding parents who consume.
  • Our final guest is Maggie Wilson, a metaphysical and cannabis oracle, who guides women through multiple stages of motherhood. She discusses her own experience with pregnancy and cannabis and talks about the healing sessions she offers worldwide.


Beauty with Barb:

  • Our resident esthetician and beauty expert discusses the awesome Bake at Home products that were provided for review and talks about how the ingredients benefit the skin.


Until next time, if you like what you hear and would like to be featured in a future episode, please reach out. If you have products you’d like reviewed or included in our beauty segment, please email


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