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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 7: Cannabis Subscription Boxes and Lifestyle Communities

Posted on November 3rd, 2017

 In this week’s episode, we have some exciting things to announce! First, Morgan talks about the success of the Budtenders and Terpenes event. She also mentions the upcoming High Holiday Cannabis Gift Show, hosted by the Cannabis Women’s Alliance, which will be loaded with amazing opportunities to find unique gifts for loved ones. Next, we talk about the upcoming MJ Biz Conference, and how our good friend Leah D’Ambrosio of Baked Smart will be our representative at the event.

In the news:



Blunt Talk:

 We talk about recent headlines surrounding Insys Therapeutics, and the potential damage this drug company has done to the cannabis industry. In addition to providing the biggest donation to anti-legalization efforts, this company is working on a synthetic version of THC.



  • Our first guest is Eliza Maroney, co-founder of Lucky Box Club and cannabis activist. Eliza talks about the inspiration behind the subscription boxes, and explains the process her team endures before choosing products for inclusion.
  • Next, we have Katie Pringle, co-founder of Cannabis Communications, Marigold PR, and Canndora. Katie explains the concept behind Canndora, and talks about how influencers can become Ambassadors for the lifestyle community.



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