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Episode 2.8: The Importance of Having a Mentor in Cannabis

Posted on September 28th, 2018

 In our 8th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Breaking the Grass Ceiling, for Diana, it's the Mom And Dad Are Stoned podcast. We ruminate on the awesome media we have chosen before moving on to our discussion topic.

 We talk about the importance of mentors, specifically in an emerging market like this one. Having a mentor, or mentors, will only strengthen your game as an entrepreneur, and we discuss some considerations on finding your own. 



- First, we talk to Trista Okel, CEO and Founder of Empower BodyCare, about her journey in the cannabis space. She tells us how she comes up with product ideas, and what the acronym EMPOWER means. 

- Next, we talk to Amna Shamim: writer, marketing consultant, and digital nomad. She talks about her work in this industry, and discusses an ongoing mastermind project.


 Until next time, we appreciate our listeners, and we are so grateful to the women who are sharing their stories and making the change happen. If you would like more information on being interviewed or becoming a sponsor, email


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