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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 2.24: The Four Rs of Sustainability In Cannabis

Posted on May 13th, 2019

We start off our 24th episode with our favorite things: For Leah, it is two recent books by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, and for Diana, it is the upcoming NCIA Lobby Days

Our topic is the Rs of sustainability in cannabis, and we address some sticky topics along with some awesome resources.


1. Respect people’s time and effort, respect each other - common complaint people are flakey - own it and make it better. Don't set unrealistic expectations.
2. Relationships - networking at conferences, classes, etc., supporting each other
3. Resources - lots of free/inexpensive resources for making your business better., Mary's
4. Responsibility - elevating the industry through activism positive actions, community service, educating the public. Lobby days:



- We talk to Amy Wessman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for CRATIV Packaging, about the importance of packaging and branding. She also talks about specific challenges she faces in the industry, along with what makes it so fun.

- Next, we talk to Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary's List, about the importance of education and what ML does to further the knowledge of the community. Denise also talks about how professionals can benefit from ML and what people can expect from the awesome newsletter. 

 Until next time, we appreciate the support!