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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 2.21: Guidelines for Becoming an Advocate and Activist

Posted on April 8th, 2019

 Hello again! To start things off a bit differently, we decide not to share our favorite discoveries, but instead highlight some great organizations that are effecting serious change. As we move forward to normalization, we as an industry must keep advocacy at the forefront, and figure out how to get involved.

 To that point, we discuss ways you can help fight the continuous damage created by the War on Drugs. You don't have to be seasoned activist or policy maker to fight the good fight!


*** We also discuss an awesome giveaway opportunity - an autographed copy of Breaking the Grass Ceiling! Tune into to our bonus episode on 4/20 for the winners, and for an awesome discount code roundup!



- We start with Marissa Fratoni, holistic RN and Director of Wellness for, who tells us about her journey into the cannabis space. She talks about being a mother in cannabis, and offers some great advice for listeners.

- Next, we talk to Emily Elmen, Director of Infused Product Development at In Good Health, who tells us how making a batch of edibles led to being on the Board of Directors for Massachusetts NORML. She also talks about how her career at In Good Health came to be, and what her job entails. 


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