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Episode 2.16: Combating Misinformation and Promoting Legitimacy

Posted on January 28th, 2019

 As always, we start with our favorite things: for Leah, it is Cannabis Connect Insurance, for Diana, it is Meowchemy's Vajay Spray.


 We start a discussion about a recent article that is filled with fear-mongering and misinformation about cannabis, and how we can fight that type of dangerous content. 



- First, we talk to Ayanna Lawson, founder and owner of Front Row Travels, a Baltimore-based cannabis travel company, about what got her into this space. She also tells us about the importance education is to her business, and how travel and cannabis intersect.


- Next, we talk to Jessamin Swearingen, one of the founders of Gaudium Enterprises, about the travel packages she offers. She also speaks of the educational offerings and Day Pass, and tells us about the importance of these things in an emerging market. 


Until next time, thanks for listening, and reach out to for ways to connect!


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