Your Highness Podcast

A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 15: The Importance of Content

Posted on April 11th, 2018

 In this episode, we open with our favorite recent discoveries in the industry: For Leah, it was the hemp-infused brownie mix by Baked at Home, and for Diana, it was the stock photography source Cannaclusive. Next, we discuss the importance of content as part of your business plan, and why we as entrepreneurs must value quality content creators. Additionally, we give a few tips on what you can accomplish with content when you have a limited budget.



  • Kristina Garcia, CEO of Women Grow, talks about the culmination of her professional experience, and how that lead to a career in cannabis. She also dispenses some invaluable advice and discusses the creation of her CBD pet products.
  • Next, we hear from Ann Shuch, founder and CEO of Erbanna, about the intersection of fashion and cannabis. Ann talks about the transition into a new industry and gives advice for those just getting started.



Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay high and beautiful. Of course, by that we mean: take the higher ground, and stay beautiful in spirit. For inquiries about being interviewed or providing sponsorship, email