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Episode 2.15: Some Great Things to Look Forward to in 2019

In our 15th episode, we begin once again with our favorite things, but this is a first! We have a collective favorite - Mary Jane Gift Boxes - of which we both were super lucky to receive! We review this awesome theme box and talk about the different collections!

Next, we keep it on a positive note to talk about some of the exciting things we expect this year! There is so much to look forward to, even if it is sometimes difficult to hopeful!



- We start with Kim Rael, CEO of Azuca, who tells us about their latest creations. She also talks about the challenges facing an edible company, and what newcomers should know about this industry.

- Next, we talk to Randi Sether, Marketing Strategist at Magical Butter, about how being a fan can lead to an awesome career. Additionally, she talks about her favorite thing to make in her Magical Butter machine. 

Episode 2.7 The Importance of Looking at the Whole Plant

 In our 7th episode, we talk about the entourage effect, and the importance of looking at the whole plant. Many of our past guests incorporate the whole plant approach into their businesses, because they are concerned with treating the big picture. We go over the ways you can educate yourself about the compounds, and the reasons why we should know more about them.



  • Our first guest is Katie MacBride, editor and writer, who recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast about parents dealing with Child Protective Services because of CBD. Her work covers these complex issues surrounding parenting with cannabis and is in the process of helping create a documentary that explores the issues further.
  • Next, we have the founder of Meowchemy, Mel Meow. She talks about the full plant CBD MedSpa line of products, the inspiration behind the innovative nature of them, and what inspired the beginning of her business.


Beauty with Barb:

 Diana joins Barb as the sisters discuss a shared familial skin condition, and how the Bella line from Altitude Products helps relieve the bumpiness. We also discuss the bath items and products from other lines, and detail how smooth they made our skin.


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Episode 2.6: Cannabis and Pets

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In our first pet-themed episode, we talk about one of our obsessions - animals - with great excitement! Cannabis use with animals is a highly controversial topic being discussed at length online. After we go over some basic considerations, we point listeners to a couple of excellent resources in this area of the industry. 



Our first guest is Julianna Carella, CEO and founder of Treatibles, who talks to us about her journey to animal care products. She also discusses working with rescues and the story behind the Villalobos Project.

Next, we talk to Kate Scott, COO of VetCBD, as she tells us about how the company started. She also a controversial topic - the use of THC with animals, and tells us her opinion.


Review of Our Favorite Things: 

For Diana, it is the Ganja Goddess Getaway, for Leah, it was Medical Marijuana and Your Pet-a Definitive Guide


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