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Episode 2.21: Guidelines for Becoming an Advocate and Activist

 Hello again! To start things off a bit differently, we decide not to share our favorite discoveries, but instead highlight some great organizations that are effecting serious change. As we move forward to normalization, we as an industry must keep advocacy at the forefront, and figure out how to get involved.

 To that point, we discuss ways you can help fight the continuous damage created by the War on Drugs. You don't have to be seasoned activist or policy maker to fight the good fight!


*** We also discuss an awesome giveaway opportunity - an autographed copy of Breaking the Grass Ceiling! Tune into to our bonus episode on 4/20 for the winners, and for an awesome discount code roundup!



- We start with Marissa Fratoni, holistic RN and Director of Wellness for, who tells us about her journey into the cannabis space. She talks about being a mother in cannabis, and offers some great advice for listeners.

- Next, we talk to Emily Elmen, Director of Infused Product Development at In Good Health, who tells us how making a batch of edibles led to being on the Board of Directors for Massachusetts NORML. She also talks about how her career at In Good Health came to be, and what her job entails. 


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Episode 2.19: Changing Industry Practices to Create New Principles

We start as always with our favorite things: for Diana it is Pussyweed, and for Leah, it's CRATIV packaging. Next, we start a discussion about ways we can actually make new business practices that will ultimately create new principles in this emerging space. 
Next, in our Beauty with Barb segment, our resident licensed aesthetician reviews the many benefits of a topical salve by Simple CBD.
  • First, we start with Ashley Dellinger, founder of Lumi Wellness Shop, who tells us about what led her to open the retail space. 
  • Next, we talk to the founder of, Kelley Bruce about the inspiration behind her online clinic. Bruce also shares how motherhood can be impacted by cannabis use, and how the wonderful people at Cannamommy help educate and guide new mothers during a precarious time.
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Episode 2.7 The Importance of Looking at the Whole Plant

 In our 7th episode, we talk about the entourage effect, and the importance of looking at the whole plant. Many of our past guests incorporate the whole plant approach into their businesses, because they are concerned with treating the big picture. We go over the ways you can educate yourself about the compounds, and the reasons why we should know more about them.



  • Our first guest is Katie MacBride, editor and writer, who recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast about parents dealing with Child Protective Services because of CBD. Her work covers these complex issues surrounding parenting with cannabis and is in the process of helping create a documentary that explores the issues further.
  • Next, we have the founder of Meowchemy, Mel Meow. She talks about the full plant CBD MedSpa line of products, the inspiration behind the innovative nature of them, and what inspired the beginning of her business.


Beauty with Barb:

 Diana joins Barb as the sisters discuss a shared familial skin condition, and how the Bella line from Altitude Products helps relieve the bumpiness. We also discuss the bath items and products from other lines, and detail how smooth they made our skin.


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Episode 2.3: Parenting Series, Part 2

 In the second installment of our parenting series, we open with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is The Stoner Mom, and for Diana, it’s Mary Janes Film

 Next, we discuss the importance of normalizing the conversation around cannabis for parents. We go over a few tips and takeaways about how to do that, while also drawing from expert sources.


*We pause for a short word about our friend Jennifer Argie’s awesome products and mention an incredible giveaway. Share this episode on Twitter with #YourHighnessPodcast for a chance to win either a Green Tea Healing Salve or Coconut Oil.



  • First, we speak to Jenn Lauder, Cofounder of Splimm, a magazine about cannabis and parenting. She talks about her upbringing, how her parents handled the discussion around cannabis, and how that has shaped her attitude as a parent.
  • Next, we talk to Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, founder of Oov Lifestyle, about her own experience as a mother and cannabis advocate. Ozzie also discusses her own journey with cannabis, and how she deals with the stigma surrounding parents who consume.
  • Our final guest is Maggie Wilson, a metaphysical and cannabis oracle, who guides women through multiple stages of motherhood. She discusses her own experience with pregnancy and cannabis and talks about the healing sessions she offers worldwide.


Beauty with Barb:

  • Our resident esthetician and beauty expert discusses the awesome Bake at Home products that were provided for review and talks about how the ingredients benefit the skin.


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Episode 16: Parenting Series, Part 1

 In our 16th episode, we begin our parenting series with this first installment. We begin with our favorite discoveries: for Diana it is Ricki Lake’s documentary “Weed the People”, and for Leah it is Splimm magazine. For our discussion topic, we talk about micro-dosing, and how it can help with parenting. We share some tips on how to approach micro-dosing and highlight the ways that consumption method can be best for some.



  • We begin with Jessie Gill, founder of, about her experience with discussing the plant’s medicinal benefits with her children. She also talks about her experience being filmed for Viceland, and how she normalized conversation around the plant in her household.
  • Next, we talk to Celia Behar, president of The Lil’ Mamas, about the journey that led to the creation of the popular website. She talks about the ways cannabis has improved her life and her parenting and gives some great advice for other mothers exploring the cannabis space.
  • Stephanie Kerns, brand representative for Lunchbox Alchemy and visual artist, talks about how she discusses cannabis with her children. She also tells us how the plant improved her health and how it impacts her ability to parent.




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