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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 3.4: What to Know Before Hosting Your First Cannabis Event

We begin this episode with the fabulous Adelia Carrillo as guest co-host! Adelia is the Chief Marketing Officer at EventHi and founder and CEO of Direct Cannabis Network. As with every episode, we begin with our Fave Pot/Not Pot selections: For Adelia, it is Henry's Original Pre-rolls and skincare from Kat's Naturals, and for Diana, it was Take Fives from Grassroots and Jane the Virgin. 

They transition into a discussion about planning an event in cannabis, and thanks to Adelia's gracious and generous spirit, there is a lot to learn in this episode!

* We pause for a minute to talk about Moon Mother Hemp Co, who is offering listeners 20% off with the code goodvibes20



- Jenny Deveau talks about sound baths, and how transformative sound therapy can be. Jenny also tells us about Dynasty Electrik, and explains what soundscapes are and how they intersect with cannabis. 


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Episode 2.18: Avoiding Burnout When Starting Your New Business

 We decided to forego our usual favorite things in lieu of a brief discussion about a couple of things that are happening in cannabis right now. Keeping the conversation going about things like sexual harassment in the workplace and accidental consumption will force us as an industry to change the approach to these problems. Normalizing talk around uncomfortable topics is the first step toward real change.


* First, we talk to half of an awesome mother/daughter team: Tara Mulvihill, Co-Owner/Operator/OLCC cannabis producer at Phillips Field Facility. She talks about her unique business, and how she came to a partnership with her mother. 

* Next, we talk to Scarlet Ravin, founder of White Fox Medicinals, who shares why women in cannabis don't need to compete with each other. She also tells us about the alchemy of her incredible products, and about how cannabinoids play a role in preventative medicine. 


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Episode 2.7 The Importance of Looking at the Whole Plant

 In our 7th episode, we talk about the entourage effect, and the importance of looking at the whole plant. Many of our past guests incorporate the whole plant approach into their businesses, because they are concerned with treating the big picture. We go over the ways you can educate yourself about the compounds, and the reasons why we should know more about them.



  • Our first guest is Katie MacBride, editor and writer, who recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast about parents dealing with Child Protective Services because of CBD. Her work covers these complex issues surrounding parenting with cannabis and is in the process of helping create a documentary that explores the issues further.
  • Next, we have the founder of Meowchemy, Mel Meow. She talks about the full plant CBD MedSpa line of products, the inspiration behind the innovative nature of them, and what inspired the beginning of her business.


Beauty with Barb:

 Diana joins Barb as the sisters discuss a shared familial skin condition, and how the Bella line from Altitude Products helps relieve the bumpiness. We also discuss the bath items and products from other lines, and detail how smooth they made our skin.


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Episode 2.1: The Benefits of Meditation and Cannabis

 In our 1st episode of the second season, we open with our favorite discoveries in the industry: For Diana, it is the digital network created by the awesome women at Tokeativity, and for Leah, it is the Magical Butter Machine. Our lovefest for these incredible pioneers continues, as we discuss our upcoming guests for this episode.

 Before we get to the amazing interviews, we talk about the benefits of meditation. Not only can this help us become more present and intentional in our daily lives, but it can help us as entrepreneurs. We also go into a few tips that help integrate this practice into our regular routines.



  • First, we talk to the fearless founders of Tokeativity, a global cannabis community for women. Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro tell us about the latest educational offerings and the invaluable resources available, thanks to this community.
  • Next, we hear from Jenny Argie, founder of Baked at Home. Jenny tells us about full spectrum hemp, and what made her so passionate about creating products that heal the whole body.




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