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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 3.2: The Conversation Missing From The Recent Democratic Debates

In this episode, Morgan Kristine is guest co-host once again, and we couldn't be happier! We start with our Fave Pot/Not Pot. Diana's Fave Pot item is Frogsong Farms CBD Tincture Drops Plus, and for Morgan, it is steamroller pipes.



- Whitney Beatty, Founder and CEO of The Apothecarry Case, talks about how her high-end products not only promote responsible use, they offer the best value for your investment by preserving the integrity of your cannabis. She also talks about her involvement with Supernova Women, and tells of how the industry can better support the group.


Beauty With Barb:

- Barb reviews some topicals from Frogsong Farms.


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Episode 3.1: How to Avoid Gatekeeping in the Cannabis Space

In the first "official" return to the original format, Diana is once again joined by Morgan of High Society Haircare! They talk about their favorite canna-related things: for Diana, it's Zwish by Zveda, and for Morgan, it was not having her bud snatched by the TSA.

They discuss some unexpected ways people are gatekeeping in cannabis, and offer some alternatives to that behavior. 


- Katie Stem, CEO and founder of Peak Extracts, talks about how her journey with Crohn's Disease and background as a scientist shape her business and product line. She also discusses how being a nationally licensed Chinese herbalist informs the creation of her tinctures and rubs.

Helpful links:

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Episode 3.00c: Magic with Morgan

This episode brings it back to the beginning Your Highness days, as guest co-host Morgan Kristine, Founder and CEO of High Society Haircare. Without Morgan, this show wouldn't exist, and it is so exciting to have her back! 

When we discuss our favorite canna-related items, Morgan talks about the Cannabis Alliance, of which she is an adjunct board member. The Cannabis Alliance recently published an open letter about traceability system issues facing the industry, giving examples of how to operate within the confusion.


- This episode features the formidable co-founder and CEO of Alpha Woman Co, a media company helping women be their best mentally,physically, and professionally. Leslie talks about what led to the creation of Alpha Woman Co, and what lies in the future for the publication. 

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Episode 3.00b: New Things Coming Up

We're back with another short installment of season 3, which is what we're doing for the remainder of the Summer. There will still be loads of fun things going on, and we are featuring new segments that will be more of a focus later in the season. One of those segments is Not Pot, where we discuss our favorite non-cannabis related item.

Going forward, we will also highlight a different cannabis podcast each episode. This time we discuss Blunt Blowin' Mama, an incredible podcast from the fearless Shonitria Anthony about the complex life of being a mother who consumes cannabis. 


- Dr. Michelle Oram, Public Health Advisor of NUG, talks about what it means to be an integrated seed-to-sale company, and how NUG stands out in California. She also talks about the educational resources NUG offers, and how her journey in this industry led to such an innovative and progressive company. 

Episode 3.0a: New beginnings and exciting changes

Welcome to the beginning of season 3 of Your Highness - there are some major changes in store! One of the biggest is that this season will feature host Diana with an amazing selection of guest co-hosts (many will be past guests). Going forward, Leah will no longer co-host, though YH truly appreciates everything she did for the show during her tenure. 

For the next several weeks, YH will release shorter segments that feature individual interviews while preparations for the changes continue. In this episode, Diana and Barb talk about some of those changes, and discuss ways for listeners to become a part of the show. 

A few other highlights:

- Beauty with Barb segment highlighting the incredible Zveda products 

- A brief word about the amazing Apothecarry products



Our first interview of the season is with Clarissa Krieck, Business Development Manager of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Clarissa talks about her beginnings in cannabis, her policy and advocacy work, and the importance of getting involved with the NCIA. 

Episode 2.25: Age and Experience in Cannabis

  For our 25th episode, Diana begins with her favorite new thing, an informative series of children's books helping the entire family understand the history of cannabis and hemp. Leah's favorite new thing is a book written by future guest, Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties. 


Next, we talk about the benefits of surrounding yourself with people over 30 as a business or brand, and just the overall upsides to having a varied past and bringing it to this emerging industry.



- First, we speak to Carole Shashona: acclaimed designer, Feng Shui Grand Master, health and wellness expert, and pioneering entrepreneur, about the meanings behind her luxury jewelry designs. Shashana also discusses her design journey, and tells us about what inspires her.


- Next, we talk to Teri Gorman, Director of Community Relations and Patient Affairs for Maui Grown Therapies, about the medical cannabis program in Hawaii. Gorman also discusses the reciprocity program, and what brought her to the cannabis space.


* We also pause for a word about Peak Extracts and an upcoming educational event sponsored by Alpha Woman Co.


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Episode 2.24: The Four Rs of Sustainability In Cannabis

We start off our 24th episode with our favorite things: For Leah, it is two recent books by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, and for Diana, it is the upcoming NCIA Lobby Days

Our topic is the Rs of sustainability in cannabis, and we address some sticky topics along with some awesome resources.


1. Respect people’s time and effort, respect each other - common complaint people are flakey - own it and make it better. Don't set unrealistic expectations.
2. Relationships - networking at conferences, classes, etc., supporting each other
3. Resources - lots of free/inexpensive resources for making your business better., Mary's
4. Responsibility - elevating the industry through activism positive actions, community service, educating the public. Lobby days:



- We talk to Amy Wessman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for CRATIV Packaging, about the importance of packaging and branding. She also talks about specific challenges she faces in the industry, along with what makes it so fun.

- Next, we talk to Denise Biderman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mary's List, about the importance of education and what ML does to further the knowledge of the community. Denise also talks about how professionals can benefit from ML and what people can expect from the awesome newsletter. 

 Until next time, we appreciate the support! 

Episode 2.23: The Benefits of Getting to Know Your Budtender

 In this episode, we talk about our favorite things: For Leah, it was the Moon Mother Hemp tincture, and for Diana, it was SAVA

 We get into a conversation about the benefits of befriending a budtender, as both a business and a patient. There are many reasons to be friendly with your dispensary tenders, but some of them may surprise you!


- First, we talk to the CEO and founder of Canna-Veda, Joanna Matson. Matson talks about how her struggle with Crohn's Disease led to a career of healing with cannabis.

- Next, we talk to Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, who talks about being a Traditional Naturopath in the cannabis space. Dr. Lakisha talks about wellness tours in Jamaica, and the many ways a person can benefit from her telemedicine.

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Ayurveda, Yoga & CBD Counseling

Bonus episode: Happy 420!

 This is our second 420 as a podcast, and we can't thank you all enough for the support! We reveal our four winners of Breaking the Grass Ceiling, along with the episode ideas!

 In this bonus (short) episode, we talk to Cristina Buccola of CB Counsel and founder of 421 For All, about a new national movement. 

Next, we go over a great list of discount codes:

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2. Azuca will offer 20% off to their online shop with this code: AZUCAGREEN Founded by Bubby's Chef, ron Silver, Azuca brings an innovative and sophisticated new approach to cannabis and CBD edibles. With their patent method, Azuca products take effect in a groundbreaking 2-15 minutes.

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7. Tokeativity is the Global Cannabis Community for Women. They work to empower women at the root level and forward the normalization of cannabis through in person an online events. Tokeativity is giving listeners 50% off now through the end of April. Save 50% off on Business & Grassroots Memberships, Upcoming Events, Advertising, & Online Classes and more! Find everything now at and use coupon code 42050 through April 30th.

Episode 2.21: Guidelines for Becoming an Advocate and Activist

 Hello again! To start things off a bit differently, we decide not to share our favorite discoveries, but instead highlight some great organizations that are effecting serious change. As we move forward to normalization, we as an industry must keep advocacy at the forefront, and figure out how to get involved.

 To that point, we discuss ways you can help fight the continuous damage created by the War on Drugs. You don't have to be seasoned activist or policy maker to fight the good fight!


*** We also discuss an awesome giveaway opportunity - an autographed copy of Breaking the Grass Ceiling! Tune into to our bonus episode on 4/20 for the winners, and for an awesome discount code roundup!



- We start with Marissa Fratoni, holistic RN and Director of Wellness for, who tells us about her journey into the cannabis space. She talks about being a mother in cannabis, and offers some great advice for listeners.

- Next, we talk to Emily Elmen, Director of Infused Product Development at In Good Health, who tells us how making a batch of edibles led to being on the Board of Directors for Massachusetts NORML. She also talks about how her career at In Good Health came to be, and what her job entails. 


 Until next time, thank you for listening! Please let us know what you would like to hear, if you would like to be featured, or if you would like a product reviewed by reaching out to 

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