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A podcast inspiring and elevating womxn and femme pioneers in the cannabis industry, with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

Episode 3.2: The Conversation Missing From The Recent Democratic Debates

In this episode, Morgan Kristine is guest co-host once again, and we couldn't be happier! We start with our Fave Pot/Not Pot. Diana's Fave Pot item is Frogsong Farms CBD Tincture Drops Plus, and for Morgan, it is steamroller pipes.



- Whitney Beatty, Founder and CEO of The Apothecarry Case, talks about how her high-end products not only promote responsible use, they offer the best value for your investment by preserving the integrity of your cannabis. She also talks about her involvement with Supernova Women, and tells of how the industry can better support the group.


Beauty With Barb:

- Barb reviews some topicals from Frogsong Farms.


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Episode 3.00c: Magic with Morgan

This episode brings it back to the beginning Your Highness days, as guest co-host Morgan Kristine, Founder and CEO of High Society Haircare. Without Morgan, this show wouldn't exist, and it is so exciting to have her back! 

When we discuss our favorite canna-related items, Morgan talks about the Cannabis Alliance, of which she is an adjunct board member. The Cannabis Alliance recently published an open letter about traceability system issues facing the industry, giving examples of how to operate within the confusion.


- This episode features the formidable co-founder and CEO of Alpha Woman Co, a media company helping women be their best mentally,physically, and professionally. Leslie talks about what led to the creation of Alpha Woman Co, and what lies in the future for the publication. 

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Episode 2.17: Kicking Fear’s Ass to Move on to Success

 As always, we start with our favorite things: Diana discusses how she will host a screening of Mary Janes Film: Women of Weed, and for Leah, it was LUMI CBD Wellness Shop.

 Next, we discuss how to kick fear's ass - Leah's favorite topic! We go over some effective ways to fight it, and talk about ways to make Impostor Syndrome work for you.



- First, we start with a Jane of all trades, Manndie Tingler. Manndie is the COO of Khemia Manufacturing, President of, a President of the Kriya Society, and a board member of the NCIA among other things. She tells us the secret to managing such a major work load, and talks about why she loves this industry.

- Next, we talk to Abigail Nath, cannabis business lawyer and project coordinator. She tells us of how being terminated led to her consulting in the cannabis space. 


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Episode 2.16: Combating Misinformation and Promoting Legitimacy

 As always, we start with our favorite things: for Leah, it is Cannabis Connect Insurance, for Diana, it is Meowchemy's Vajay Spray.


 We start a discussion about a recent article that is filled with fear-mongering and misinformation about cannabis, and how we can fight that type of dangerous content. 



- First, we talk to Ayanna Lawson, founder and owner of Front Row Travels, a Baltimore-based cannabis travel company, about what got her into this space. She also tells us about the importance education is to her business, and how travel and cannabis intersect.


- Next, we talk to Jessamin Swearingen, one of the founders of Gaudium Enterprises, about the travel packages she offers. She also speaks of the educational offerings and Day Pass, and tells us about the importance of these things in an emerging market. 


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Episode 2.15: Some Great Things to Look Forward to in 2019

In our 15th episode, we begin once again with our favorite things, but this is a first! We have a collective favorite - Mary Jane Gift Boxes - of which we both were super lucky to receive! We review this awesome theme box and talk about the different collections!

Next, we keep it on a positive note to talk about some of the exciting things we expect this year! There is so much to look forward to, even if it is sometimes difficult to hopeful!



- We start with Kim Rael, CEO of Azuca, who tells us about their latest creations. She also talks about the challenges facing an edible company, and what newcomers should know about this industry.

- Next, we talk to Randi Sether, Marketing Strategist at Magical Butter, about how being a fan can lead to an awesome career. Additionally, she talks about her favorite thing to make in her Magical Butter machine. 

Episode 2.13: Using Your Innate Awesomeness to Elevate Your Cannabis Career

 We start with our favorite recent discoveries: Leah chose Edibles List Magazine, while Diana decided to share a strain called Strawberry OG. Moving on, we talk about the many ways everyone can tune into their innate awesomeness to elevate a career in cannabis.



- We start with Julia Jacobson, CEO and Director of Business Strategy at Aster Farms, who discusses some the surprising elements of working on a farm. She also talks about what it's like to wear multiple hats in a non-traditional professional setting.


- Next, we talk to Hannah O'Brien, Director of Operations for Confident Cannabis, about the importance of transparency in cannabis. Additionally, she tells us about the importance of the program, especially with so many people counting on certain strains. 


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Episode 2.12: Unexpected Positives of Being A Cannapreneur

 In our 12th episode, we start with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it's Gron's Chocolate Cafe, and for Diana, Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Compound

 Our discussion is centered around the unexpected positives of being an entrepreneur in this space, and how our guests contribute to that conversation.



- Our first guest is Wanda James, founder of Simply Pure, about translating seemingly unrelated professional experience to the cannabis space. James also discusses her favorite element of her work, and gives some advice to new entrepreneurs.

- Next, we have Rocky Bowles, founder of Resinate Marketing, about being a "professional cheerleader", and the start of Resinate. Bowles tells us how she connects the dots and prepares people for ultimate success.


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Episode 2.10: What To Know About Starting An Ancillary Business In Cannabis

 We start off episode 10 with our favorite discoveries: for Leah, it is the Smoke Cartel, and for Diana, MURU products. Next, we discuss the logistics of starting an ancillary business in the cannabis space. 

 Next, we have a new Beauty With Barb segment featuring the awesome Empower Bodycare Products.



- First, we talk to Becca Recker of Frogsong Farms, about having a zero waste farm. She also tells us the often over-looked challenges of cannabis farming.

- Next, we talk to Darby Cox, CEO of Smoke Cartel, about starting a business in her living room. She also talks about the challenges of operating a business in a state that is not recreational legal. 


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Episode 2.2: How to Avoid Getting Kicked Off Social Media as a Brand

 For our second episode of season two, we start with our favorite discoveries and products. For Leah, a retraction of a previous favorite discovery is in order, but she ends on a high note with discussion about the formidable Emma Chasen, and her amazing educational offerings. Diana talks about The WeedTube, a viable alternative to those who are frustrated with YouTube shutting down channels and deleting content.

 This leads to a discussion about how many brands are being booted off social media, even when they don’t do anything to touch the plant. Leah and Diana talk about the many unfair ways cannabis brands are being treated on certain social media platforms, along with ways to try and avoid being booted. There is no exact science, though, if the conversation around cannabis isn’t normalized.

** We pause for a short commercial from our friends at Splimm magazine.



  • Our first guess is Emma Chasen, who talks about her journey from oncology and medicinal plant research to becoming an educational powerhouse in the cannabis space. Emma tells us about the importance of education in this space, along with where to find her classes.
  • Next, we talk to Kim Sakamoto, producer of the Green Crush Podcast, about the many challenges of being a content creator in this space. She tells us about what we can expect from Green Crush in the future, and about her new business launch.


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Episode 15: The Importance of Content

 In this episode, we open with our favorite recent discoveries in the industry: For Leah, it was the hemp-infused brownie mix by Baked at Home, and for Diana, it was the stock photography source Cannaclusive. Next, we discuss the importance of content as part of your business plan, and why we as entrepreneurs must value quality content creators. Additionally, we give a few tips on what you can accomplish with content when you have a limited budget.



  • Kristina Garcia, CEO of Women Grow, talks about the culmination of her professional experience, and how that lead to a career in cannabis. She also dispenses some invaluable advice and discusses the creation of her CBD pet products.
  • Next, we hear from Ann Shuch, founder and CEO of Erbanna, about the intersection of fashion and cannabis. Ann talks about the transition into a new industry and gives advice for those just getting started.



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